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Machine Learning Trends 2021

Machine Learning has become incredibly popular in today’s times. Starting from smart devices, social media platforms, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and other AI devices all need ML and IoT. Machine Learning has brought cutting-edge solutions to modern-day functions and facilities. In this blog, we discuss the Machine Learning trends in 2021, that are going to reshape our world and business workings.

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Future of Machine Learning|Evolving Technologies

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are the buzzwords today. Technologies are constantly evolving with advancements in Machine Learning. For instance, facial recognition in mobile phones, automated cars, language translation, etc. is all possible due to the massive developments in computer vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP). In this blog, we discuss the future of Machine Learning.

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Artificial Intelligence in Education | Application of AI in Education Sector

Artificial intelligence or AI is leaving no sector untouched. Across industries and disciplines, the use and application of AI have brought in successful results. Technology today is no more limited to science-related fields. With the education sector undergoing massive changes the application of AI seems like the most obvious solution. Especially, during current times where the entire world is limited to indoor living. Education has completely shifted its course from campus classes to online classes. In this blog, we discuss the application of AI in the Education Sector. 

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Impact of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning on COVID-19

Artificial intelligence or AI is responsible for smart machines that can perform tasks that otherwise require human intervention. The world is struggling to combat COVID-19 and innovative technologies could bring a solution to this pandemic. AI is one such technology that can help us overcome the coronavirus pandemic which has changed how we function entirely. Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be used to predict pandemics further and also track the COVID-19 crisis we are going through. Read this blog, to find out how AI and Machine Learning can impact the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Chatbots in Educational Mobile Apps | Online Learning

Education has drastically changed with emerging technologies. The way students are taught and the way they learn differ from what it used to be earlier. Internet services in education have shifted teaching and learning mechanisms. It has introduced a new tool for education such as online teaching platforms, and educational mobile apps. Nowadays, there are many mobile apps for students of various age groups to supplement their academic classes.

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AI & Machine Learning in Cyber Security | Cyber Security Challenges

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security basically means to protect computing systems, programs, and networks from digital or cyber-attacks. Cyber attackers attack networks and systems to obtain sensitive information or to destroy information, illegally extort money, access or change information, and interrupt regular business operations among many other reasons.

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Shifting to Digital Healthcare in Asia | Regulatory Challenges in Asia

Digital Healthcare

Healthcare markets today is what FinTech industry looked like five years ago. Digital health is still in a nascent stage and one of the crucial lessons that we can learn and apply from the finance world is democratizing the data. Over four years it’s been seen that a determined ecosystem is growing in this space. Similar to what we have also witnessed in the past, the same trend with e-commerce industry.

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