Cloudlets| Future of Mobile Computing

Cloudlets| Future of Mobile Computing

A constant rise in the use of mobile phones and users connecting to the internet has led to the necessity of better computational platforms. Mobile phones have many computational shortcomings like limited battery life, memory space, etc. Cloud computing alone cannot solve this problem and that is where cloudlets make their entry. In this blog, we discuss the future of mobile computing.

What are Cloudlets?

Cloudlets are a technique of shifting cloud computing facilities quicker to intelligent devices at the edge of the network. You can think of it as a proxy data center that contains a bunch of computers for providing faster cloud computing solutions. These cloud computing solutions are meant for all kinds of mobile devices available today. For example, tablets, iPads, smart wearable devices, mobile phones, etc. Cloudlets help to achieve faster responses while running various applications on these mobile devices. It provides a high-bandwidth wireless connection, low latency, and eliminates the need for a WAN or wide-area network.

Cloudlets were specifically designed to support advanced and interactive mobile applications. For instance, today we use a host of mobile apps with language processing, speech recognition, virtual reality, etc.

Why do you need Cloudlets?

Cloudlets provide many benefits apart from a faster response turnaround time. The WLAN cloudlet platform has several advantages like reduced costs, flexibility, and agility. Also, the WLAN network which is cloudlet based allows low access latency, more flexibility, better network management, reduction in equipment costs, quicker configuration, better revenues, the smooth introduction of new platforms/services, etc.

Cloudlets and other Public Cloud Data Center

Cloudlets is a subcategory of cloud computing that allows users to avail themselves of various services over a network. In the case of a cloudlet, the architecture is self-managed. However, in the case of a Public Cloud Data Center the services are managed by a cloud provider. Another major difference between Cloudlets and Public Cloud Data Center is that the former uses a LAN network while the latter uses a public internet network. Also, you will find that Cloudlets uses only soft copy of data like a cached copy, etc.

The future of Cloudlets emphasizes cloudlet-friendly mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, smart gadgets, smart mobile wearable devices, etc. Cloudlet mechanisms strive to provide solutions that consume less energy on mobile devices and have fewer pre-conditions on mobile devices. Moreover, this kind of technology also needs to build a robust and secured network connection helping users to trust the technology and make it more user-friendly.


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