Fundamental Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

Fundamental Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence & Human Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is booming and it is constantly changing the way we function and how businesses operate. In this blog, we discuss the difference between Artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

The concept of AI has been developed by humans where machines can replicate human intelligence. Bots, humanoids, computer applications, and software that perform tasks faster than humans. All of this is possible with the help of artificial intelligence, which enables them to make decisions, learn languages, and mimic the human brain.

On the other hand, human intelligence is the creation of nature. Intelligence referring to the ability to think, learn, solve complex problems, generate thoughts and ideas, etc. Human Intelligence is unique as humans have the ability to feel emotions, and have the power of imagination. Moreover, human intelligence allows us to reason, has creative power, and is versatile in nature.

Let’s take a look at the fundamental difference between AI and Human Intelligence: 

Artificial Intelligence needs to be fed data to perform tasks. Whereas, Humans use the power of their brain to undertake any task. 

Human Intelligence is dynamic and adapts to changes easily. On the other hand, AI requires time and pre-coded information to adjust to a sudden change.  

With the help of AI, we can create machines and applications that can mimic human behaviour. But Human Intelligence uses cognitive processes to respond to the environment. 

Human Intelligence has the ability to learn from past errors and an intelligent aptitude for responding to the stimulus. However, AI cannot learn from past errors, it needs to be trained and fed regular information to produce updated responses.

This is where AI and machines beat human intelligence. AI can process, store, and analyze data way faster than humans can. AI can perform mundane, repetitive, and time-taking tasks in no-time. Humans, on the other hand, require a lot of time and energy to perform the same thing.

Artificial Intelligence cannot meet the norms of social interaction. AI can only be limited to interaction through chat-bots and in a virtual world. Humans meet and greet and exchange social etiquettes. Humans also can be self-aware, emotional, and reciprocate behaviour and feelings.   

You will be surprised to know that computers use only 2 watts of energy as compared to a human brain that uses 25 watts of energy. 

To conclude, we can see AI has evolved and come a long way from it where it all began. Also, it is constantly evolving with passing time and shaping a future that is furthermore less dependent on human intervention. However, the idea of a completely independent world without human actions and intervention is still not possible. Computers, machines, and applications are ultimately all creations of the human mind.


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