Archive August 23, 2021

Types of Artificial Intelligence | How Can AI Change the World in the Future?

Artificial Intelligence is expanding its presence in our lives today. The AI market is booming and every business is harnessing the power of AI. It has also been dubbed our “Final Invention,” a creation that would bring in ground-breaking tools and services that could exponentially change how we live our lives, eradicating conflict, inequality, and human suffering. In this blog, we discuss the types of Artificial Intelligence and what they can do.

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Six Important Steps of Composing Data| Machine Learning

You may have been aware that data is the most important component for any machine learning activity. We start with data that is being fed to an algorithm that extracts patterns and important information from the data and puts it all in a model. As a result, data is the starting point for machine learning. in this blog, we tell you about six important steps of composing data for Machine Learning.

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How Algorithms Dictate Our Lives Today?|Algorithm AI

The internet has become a mob of robotic voyeurs, waiting to watch what we’ll do next, from newsfeeds to Netflix, credit ratings to bail, personality tests to insurance to wine. These days, it appears that everything is controlled by an algorithm. In this blog, we discuss how everything in today’s world is dictated by algorithms.

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