Implementing AI in Healthcare | Artificial Intelligence

Despite the fact that most of us are afraid of AI, technology is helping us in a variety of ways. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is transforming the medical business by assisting patients. In this blog, we discuss the beneficial influence of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry.

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Six Important Steps of Composing Data| Machine Learning

You may have been aware that data is the most important component for any machine learning activity. We start with data that is being fed to an algorithm that extracts patterns and important information from the data and puts it all in a model. As a result, data is the starting point for machine learning. in this blog, we tell you about six important steps of composing data for Machine Learning.

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Big Data & E-Commerce | Ways E-Commerce Industry is Leveraging Big Data

What is Big Data?

Big Data is a revolutionary technology that can contain a vast amount of data and is exponentially growing in today’s times. Big Data is so huge that conventional data management tools cannot process it. Some examples are social media, stock-exchange, etc. Big Data is further categorized into structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. In this blog, we discuss how e-commerce players are leveraging Big Data for their business.

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