Growing Presence of Artificial Intelligence in Real-World

Artificial Intelligence is a process of using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural language Processing, and many other technologies to create artificially intelligent processes. These processes can perform advanced computations and solve complex issues. In this blog, we discuss how we can use AI application of artificial intelligence in various industries and revolutionize the way we function.

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Top Trends in IoT| Internet of Things in 2021

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a very popular tech trend to have taken over the market in recent times. IoT basically refers to the wide-scale networking of computers and other smart devices that are connected to the internet. For example, phones, cars, electronics, kitchen appliances, and industrial machinery. Modern gadgets today, have the ability to connect to the internet and share information irrespective of their geographical location. In this blog, we discuss the top IoT (Internet of Things) trends across the world. 

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Shifting to Digital Healthcare in Asia | Regulatory Challenges in Asia

Digital Healthcare

Healthcare markets today is what FinTech industry looked like five years ago. Digital health is still in a nascent stage and one of the crucial lessons that we can learn and apply from the finance world is democratizing the data. Over four years it’s been seen that a determined ecosystem is growing in this space. Similar to what we have also witnessed in the past, the same trend with e-commerce industry.

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