Shifting to Digital Healthcare in Asia | Regulatory Challenges in Asia

Digital Healthcare

Healthcare markets today is what FinTech industry looked like five years ago. Digital health is still in a nascent stage and one of the crucial lessons that we can learn and apply from the finance world is democratizing the data. Over four years it’s been seen that a determined ecosystem is growing in this space. Similar to what we have also witnessed in the past, the same trend with e-commerce industry.

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Why South-East Asia is a Perfect Spot for Robotic Process Automation?

The use of Robotic process automation (RPA) is rapidly growing across the globe. South-East Asia has become the hub of RPA software companies. Businesses across the region are using this technology to kick-start advancements, streamline their operations, and make themselves ready for a tech-heavy future. Robotic Process Automation will reduce time-consuming repetitive manual tasks hence making scope for workers to be more productive. A study by McKinsey stated that an estimated 50% of work activities performed in South-East Asia could be automated by the implementation of RPA. Robotic Process Automation can potentially reduce costs, increase productivity, and increase job satisfaction.