Archive November 27, 2020

How IoT can help build a Smart Home? | 5 Sensors to install for a Smart Home

Technologies have shaped our lives in a way that has offered us ease of living. A comfortable lifestyle lies at the core of modern-day living. And with the internet of things, the access, control, and comfort of commodities have reached another level.

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Why Businesses need a Digital Workforce? |Digital Transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing companies to make digital transformations especially it has highlighted the need for a resilient work platform. A workforce that is agile, flexible, and most importantly productively operational from remote locations is the need of the hour. Across industries and businesses, the pandemic has shown organizations its inability to cope with such challenges owing to conventional platforms and workforce.

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Chatbots in Educational Mobile Apps | Online Learning

Education has drastically changed with emerging technologies. The way students are taught and the way they learn differ from what it used to be earlier. Internet services in education have shifted teaching and learning mechanisms. It has introduced a new tool for education such as online teaching platforms, and educational mobile apps. Nowadays, there are many mobile apps for students of various age groups to supplement their academic classes.

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How AI integrated with other technologies will shape the future?

From huge computers to smartphones and now artificial intelligence which can mimic human behavior, we have made massive developments in technology. You would agree that artificial intelligence is the buzzword today and there is a steep increase in AI-related jobs, products, and services. Read this blog to know how artificial intelligence will shape the landscape of the future. 

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AI & Machine Learning in Cyber Security | Cyber Security Challenges

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security basically means to protect computing systems, programs, and networks from digital or cyber-attacks. Cyber attackers attack networks and systems to obtain sensitive information or to destroy information, illegally extort money, access or change information, and interrupt regular business operations among many other reasons.

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Shifting to Digital Healthcare in Asia | Regulatory Challenges in Asia

Digital Healthcare

Healthcare markets today is what FinTech industry looked like five years ago. Digital health is still in a nascent stage and one of the crucial lessons that we can learn and apply from the finance world is democratizing the data. Over four years it’s been seen that a determined ecosystem is growing in this space. Similar to what we have also witnessed in the past, the same trend with e-commerce industry.

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